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Theoretical Orientation

Therapeutic Approach

Clinically, Dr. Crim offers a psychodynamic, holistic, relational and team-based approach to psychological evaluation, treatment, and consultation that is well-founded and grounded in the context of a fierce commitment to the individual subjective experience of the child, adolescent, adult, couple and/or family presenting for evaluation and treatment. She defines health holistically as the balanced integration of each individual, couple or family's mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational functioning. Regardless of domain of initial symptom expression (i.e. mental v. physical v. relational, etc), Dr. Crim addresses all areas of human functioning in order to form an inclusive and effective treatment plan to achieve whole health, which includes mental health. While maintaining her role as psychotherapist and team leader, Dr. Crim collaborates with the network of professionals of Moonstone Center to address whole person care for the patients she and fellow team members treat.

Dr. Crim's psychotherapy training has been influenced by both psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral theories and therapies and the supervisors and teachers who operated and taught from those approaches. Most significantly in her training and development as a spiritually-minded psychotherapist and psychologist were Dr. Mark Baker and Dr. Robert Stolorow. Dr. Robert Stolorow's Intersubjective Approach to Psychoanalytic Treatment remains the core theory from which Dr. Crim treats, speaks and consults. This therapeutic approach honors, acknowledges, and requires attention to the subjective transference experience of both client and therapist in the psychotherapy relationship, yielding increased safety and ethical treatment and healing for the patient. Dr. Crim had the privilege of studying with Dr. Stolorow himself for 2 years following leaving her supervisee relationship of 6 years with Dr. Baker who also studied with Dr. Stolorow. Dr. Crim considers both Dr. Baker and Dr. Stolorow to be trusted mentors, colleagues and friends.

The Integration of Psychology and Spirituality

Dr. Crim has actively studied and practiced the integration of psychology and spirituality in educational settings, clinical treatment settings, religious and spiritual settings and through her lectures and trainings to both the general public and professional audiences. She developed Moonstone Center as a powerful collaborative network of professionals who actively attend to the process of integration by joining with other healthcare professionals of different disciplines in the endeavor to provide integrated and holistic treatment that attends to the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational aspects of each client/patient they serve.

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