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Dr. Elisabeth Crim Dr. Elisabeth Crim

Dr. Elisabeth Crim is an Educational and Motivational Speaker for Professional and Lay audiences.

Invite Dr. Crim to Speak for your organization! Email:  Dr. Elisabeth Crim or Call: 310.371.2800

Dr. Crim can serve as a dynamic and engaging Speaker or Trainer for your organization:

  • Keynote Speaker - Conferences
  • Private Organizational Trainings
  • Professional Community Networking or Training Events

Recent 1 to 6 Hour CE Course Topics include:

  • Self-Care for the Health, Mental Health, Addiction, and/or Education Professional
  • Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma, Secondary Trauma
  • Mind-Body-Spirit-Relational Integrated and Holistic Treatment
  • Transference and CounterTransference in Treatment (Including: Somatic, Spiritual, and Financial Transference)
  • Collaborative Inter-Professional Treatment Teaming (Traditional and Complementary-Alternative Medicine)

Compassion Fatigue & Somatic Transference 6 Hour Course PROMO VIDEO

 Talking Therapy Podcast Mind-Body with Dr. Elisabeth Crim

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