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Dr. Elisabeth Crim

Welcome from Dr. Crim

Hi and Welcome!

I am Dr. Elisabeth Crim.   Whether you are seeking me as a speaker for your organization, consultation for your practice, or psychotherapy for you, you and your partner, or someone in your family, or as the Founder and Director of Moonstone Center, you will find my approach is similar.  I approach all relationships with respect, and based in the psychodynamic psychotherapeutic orientation.  Psychodynamic Psychotherapy values our personal history of relationships and the powerful relational as well as mind-body-spirit patterns that we internalize and recreate within ourselves and with others throughout our lives.  I value and approach every individual as a unique holistic mind-body-spirit relational being.  My speaking and consultation speaks to the power of the unconscious relational transference, our embodied expression of emotional and relational lives, and how each of these variables apply to each aspect of our functioning as complex vulnerable human beings.  My collaborative approach extends to professionals in other disciplines, some of whom are an active part of my organiztion, Moonstone Center (Please visit to explore more about us there, including those on our team: Including: Yoga Therapy, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Psychotherapy, and Financial Advisement.

I am known for being very real, genuine, down to earth, and collaborative as I join you in exploring and discovering health and healing, resilience and growth.  Psychotherapy is an exciting journey. Learning is a mind-body-spirit endeavor.  I love what I do.  And I enjoy the journey with each person with whom I engage, individually, or as a couple, in psychotherapy; Individually, and in a group for consultation; and with small, medium or large audiences and organizations for whom I speak.

Email ( or call me (310.371.2800), and let’s begin to explore next steps together!

Dr. Elisabeth Crim