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About Dr. Elisabeth Crim

Dr. Elisabeth Crim

Licensed Psychologist (PSY17770)
Certified Relax and Renew Yoga Trainer
Founder and Director, Moonstone Center
Speaker and Author

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Dr. Elisabeth Crim and Moonstone Center Awarded 2015 Torrance Best Psychologist for a small business showing ability to use best practices to achieve long term value making Torrance area a great place to live, work, and play.

Dr. Elisabeth Crim and Moonstone Center Awarded 2016, 2015 Torrance Best Business: Counseling and Mental Health for enhancing the positive image of small business through service to our clients and our community. 

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PhD  Psychology Fuller Theological Seminary: Graduate School of Psychology
MA   Theology   Fuller Theological Seminary: Graduate School of Theology
MA   Psychology   Fuller Theological Seminary: Graduate School of Psychology
MA   Counseling Regent University
BA    Psychology     Oral Roberts University

Current Interests & Activities

Speaker and Author:  Issues of Transference/Counter-Transference
  Mind-Body-Spirit Process in Psychotherapy
  Collaborative Treatment Teaming:  Traditional and Complementary-Alternative
  Restoring the Healer:  Compassion fatigue, Burn-Out, and Vicarious Trauma
Psychotherapy:  Adults
Consultation:    Dancing the Transference in Psychotherapy
  Mind-Body-Spirit Process in Psychotherapy
  Developing Collaborative Outpatient Treatment Teams
  Restoring the Healer:  Addressing Compassion Fatigue
Founder/Director Moonstone Center:   Coordinating Network of Independent Treating Professionals
  Producing Continuing Education Events:  Boutique, Large Scale
  Promoting, Producing Relevant Author/Speaker Events
  Producing Meaningful, Engaging Professional Networking Events


Over the last 25 years, Dr. Crim has served children, adolescents, adults, couples, groups, and families in the states of Oklahoma, Virginia, Tennessee, and California. She has written and spoken to both general and professional audiences re: issues of psychology and/or spirituality since 1983. She has provided psychotherapy and psychological assessment in outpatient, inpatient, day treatment, and residential settings in Christian, Spiritual and Secular settings. She has provided psychotherapy, supervision, consultation, program management, executive leadership, and program development for child, adolescent and adult populations. Dr. Crim has produced both large scale and boutique CEU events and been interviewed on television and radio. Currently, in addition to writing and speaking and maintaining her active private practice with adults, adolescents, and couples in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, California, she is the Founder and Director of Moonstone Center.

Therapeutic Approach

Clinically, Dr. Crim offers a psychodynamic, holistic, relational and team-based approach to psychological evaluation, treatment, and consultation that is well-founded and grounded in the context of a fierce commitment to the individual subjective experience of the child, adolescent, adult, couple and/or family presenting for evaluation and treatment. She defines health holistically as the balanced integration of each individual, couple or family's mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational functioning. Regardless of domain of initial symptom expression (i.e. mental v. physical v. relational, etc), Dr. Crim addresses all areas of human functioning in order to form an inclusive and effective treatment plan to achieve whole health, which includes mental health. While maintaining her role as psychotherapist and team leader, Dr. Crim collaborates with the network of professionals of Moonstone Center to address whole person care for the patients she and fellow team members treat.

Dr. Crim's psychotherapy training has been influenced by both psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral theories and therapies and the supervisors and teachers who operated and taught from those approaches. Most significantly in her training and development as a spiritually-minded psychotherapist and psychologist were Dr. Mark Baker and Dr. Robert Stolorow. Dr. Robert Stolorow's Intersubjective Approach to Psychoanalytic Treatment remains the core theory from which Dr. Crim treats, speaks and consults. This therapeutic approach honors, acknowledges, and requires attention to the subjective transference experience of both client and therapist in the psychotherapy relationship, yielding increased safety and ethical treatment and healing for the patient. Dr. Crim had the privilege of studying with Dr. Stolorow himself for 2 years following leaving her supervisee relationship of 6 years with Dr. Baker who also studied with Dr. Stolorow. Dr. Crim considers both Dr. Baker and Dr. Stolorow to be trusted mentors, colleagues and friends.

The Integration of Psychology and Spirituality

Dr. Crim has actively studied and practiced the integration of psychology and spirituality in educational settings, clinical treatment settings, religious and spiritual settings and through her lectures and trainings to both the general public and professional audiences. She developed Moonstone Center as a powerful collaborative network of professionals who actively attend to the process of integration by joining with other healthcare professionals of different disciplines in the endeavor to provide integrated and holistic treatment that attends to the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational aspects of each client/patient they serve.

Founder & Director of Moonstone Center

Dr. Crim founded Moonstone Center in 2007 out of a longstanding dream to create a space in which psychology and spirituality and the many other healing arts and sciences could openly join for purposes of study, collaboration, integration, and healing. Drawing on her many years of study and experience in both psychological and spiritual disciplines, and the mind-body-spirit study and practice of yoga, Dr. Crim continues to actively explore and develop research-based clinical approaches to facilitating health and wellness in human beings in a manner that honors and addresses the individual in her/his entirety. Her approach and Moonstone Center's philosophy is collaborative and integrative, inviting the knowledge, wisdom, and insights from many disciplines, religions, philosophies, and cultures to bear on the most effective treatment for persons seeking relief of distress and disorder and seeking balance and wholeness in their lives. Relational health and fulfillment is the cornerstone of Moonstone Center, thus its three-fold mission: Psychotherapy (psychodynamic and systemic), Wellness (through collaborative multi-disciplinary treatment teams), and Professional Development (through continuing education, consultation and meaningful networks offered and facilitated in the context of self care for each attendee).