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Dr. Elisabeth CrimDr. Elisabeth Crim


Dr. Crim has provided psychotherapy for 30 years. Her integrated mind-body-spirit approach is psychodynamic and based in Stolorow’s Intersubjective Approach to Psychoanalytic Treatment, the principles of Yoga and Acupuncture,and her degree in Theology.  

She approaches each client as a unique individual with his or her own subjective experience of their own personal history and current relational life.  She understands each individual as a whole being, with mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational dimensions.  Dr. Crim actively treatment teams with the other members of Moonstone Center's Inter-Professional Team of Independent Professionals who provide yoga therapy, acupuncture and other health care interventions as indicated.  She approaches each couple she treats as a unique and whole system.  

Specializing in Adults, Couples, Relationships, Attachment, Mind-Body and Spiritual Issues.


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